What are the minimum features do you need to code with ease? These are my base plugins I use in order to make Vim/Neovim usable for my development workflow. Feel free to add onto this if you have other plugins in mind, I just think these are good starting plugins. I won’t be going over my config file, but that might write about that in the near future. Read the docs of the plugin if you are having trouble setting it up, they are linked in each plugin section below.



We stare at our code for long periods of…

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I have been using pass ever since the day I switched to Linux, because it is simple, lightweight, and scriptable. Recently, I have needed to move this password manager over to another PC and forgot how to do it. So this will be my documentation on importing and exporting pass . If you don’t know what pass is, I recommend checking out my article on how to set it up. …

We are going to be dualbooting Arch Linux on a Windows laptop today. Despite what others say, Arch is relatively easy to setup in comparison to other distros in my opinion. The fact that it is minimal just means that you have minimal things to setup. Sometimes you will run into issues when installing on hardware compared to a VM, so I will also be covering some of my troubleshooting problems at the end.


I recommend having WSL installed on Windows in order to verify the ISO easily in a later step. You will also need an empty USB stick…

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Have you ever wanted to live in Japan? Have you ever wanted to work in Japan? I asked myself this a couple of years back, and have realized today that I have reached my goal of working and living in Japan. While this article will revolve around being a software engineer, the resources I mention also offer other positions like HR and sales.


Before getting into any details, I will briefly go over some requirements for successfully integrating yourself into Japan as a resident:

  • The VISA: 4 year college degree, get married, or have 10 years experience in your industry…

11F at Hennge

HENNGE is a company in Tokyo, Japan that is not your average Japanese company. It is more aligned with what it’s like working in Silicon Valley, as it is a very chill environment compared to the various other Japanese startups and companies I have experienced in the past. They advocate to voice out your opinions if you think something can be improved or changed, which is a very foreign concept to most typical Japanese company. Best of all, there is no need to know Japanese to work here, as HENNGE has standardized their main language to be fully English. The…

Here is a how to setup Flask tutorial as of recent. I recommend following along in Linux/Mac/WSL, as my setup will be mostly done through the terminal. I will also assume some basic Python knowledge, as this isn’t a Python tutorial. This tutorial won’t be going over how to make a specific web app, as I think the best way to truly learn a technology is to build something for yourself. Rather than be stuck in a tutorial loop, learning the concepts and applying them to your own ideas would help you grow faster in my opinion. …

Here are 3 nice visual changing terminal tools written in Rust that I have integrated into my workflow. Coding requires spending most of your time looking at your screen, it should at least look visually pleasing. All of the packages mentioned here are compatible Linux, WSL, and Mac. They are very easy to implement, as they pretty much work out of the box after installation. The only configuring you would want to do is in your ~/.bashrc (or whichever shell’s rc you use), as 2 of these packages will replace some of your main commands.


This is a neat tool…

I’ll be documenting how I installed Manjaro in this article for future reference. We will also be starting from booting into the bootable USB, check another guide on how to make that if you haven’t done that yet. From the image above, running down the list:

— Select your timezone
— Keyboard, Language (I default to US)
— Driver: free if intel integrated, not free if nvidia

Enter the Boot: Manjaro

gunicorn.errors.HaltServer: <HaltServer ‘Worker failed to boot.’ 3>

Getting this error while trying to deploy a Django app? Check the logs with this command:

journalctl --unit=gunicorn | tail -n 100

With this command, you can see gunicorn trying to startup your Django app more clearly compared to sudo service gunicorn status .

If your systemd socket/service settings file ( /etc/systemd/system/* ) contains the setting EnvironmentFile , make sure to check the format of your env file. It cannot be the bash script format like this:

export MY_KEY=123
export MY_OTHER_KEY=aaa

Correct format:


If your gunicorn is active and running from sudo service gunicorn status , but your website still…

This article will go through how I got subdomains to work on Django 3 with Certbot for https. It was a little finicky to get working, since I couldn’t find much info on some specific errors I was running into. Maybe I’m just not a high level search engine ninja, but I figured it out myself. My server was using nginx, but I think it shouldn’t matter if you use apache or something else. …

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