3 Cool Terminal Tools Written In Rust

Here are 3 nice visual changing terminal tools written in Rust that I have integrated into my workflow. Coding requires spending most of your time looking at your screen, it should at least look visually pleasing. All of the packages mentioned here are compatible Linux, WSL, and Mac. They are very easy to implement, as they pretty much work out of the box after installation. The only configuring you would want to do is in your ~/.bashrc (or whichever shell’s rc you use), as 2 of these packages will replace some of your main commands.


Note: My dotfiles will change over time, feel free to watch or star it for updates.

Starship with Python and Node environments


bat will less a file if it does NOT fit in the terminal window
bat will cat the entire file if it fits in the terminal window

Below is my alias for replacing cat. I manually enter the style since it has line numbers by default, and that interferes with copy and pasting the output from my terminal.

alias cat='bat --style=header,grid'


exa vs ls
Having colors on tree makes it easier on the eyes to see which files are in which directory.

Below are my aliases for replacing ls and tree. The -F flag adds a slash at the end of directories.

# .bashrc
alias ll="exa -Fl"
alias lll="exa -Fla"
alias l="exa -F"
alias tree="exa --tree -F"

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